Generation Mindful

Robin Ortiz, MD, sits on the executive board as the medical advisor for Generation Mindful*.

Building emotional intelligence playfully

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*SUZANNE TUCKER, FOUNDER, GENERATION MINDFUL has been a physical therapist, and parent educator since 1992. Suzanne founded Brentwood Center of Health, a holistic outpatient rehabilitation center in 2002 with her husband and has been teaching mindful parenting classes, including infant massage, for over two decades. In 2016, after a parent in one of her classes asked for help finding more practical ways to incorporate positive parenting into her busy life, Suzanne was inspired to found Generation Mindful, a mission-driven company creating educational products that connect the generations and build emotional intelligence playfully. Generation Mindful creates evidence-based, affirming tools for children, parents, educators, and therapists and is on a mission to end punitive child-rearing practices around the world.

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