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"It is my mission to use constant inquiry of the self and of the world as a means of helping individuals of all ages and stages, families, and communities overcome adversity and live with maximal health, ease, and happiness."
Meet Robin


Robin Ortiz is a physician for adults and children completed the combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Urban Health Residency Program at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She is a current research fellow in the National Clinician Scholars Program at the University of Pennsylvania.


She graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in behavioral neuroscience and a minor in psychoneuroimmunology, trained at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and then completed medical school at Loyola University in Chicago.


She is dedicated to active research projects, within the scope of public health and epidemiology, studying early life environmental, stress, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, and epigenetic influences on later life health and disease outcomes. Her career goal is to develop interventions that aim to prevent risk and build resiliency throughout life. To this aim, Dr. Ortiz has completed an NIH pre-bachelorette Intramural Research Training Award, and as a medical student the NIH Medical Research Scholars Program. Her research has spanned across bench, clinical and translational research projects, and involved independent statistical analyses. In these positions she has studied psychosocial, neuroimmune, and biochemical influences in chronic pain, cancer and cardiometabolic disease, and been productive in obtaining many successful recognitions and publications.


Her clinical work encompasses all domains of adult internal medicine and pediatric practice. She is a primary care provider at East Baltimore Medical Center’s Med-Peds practice and takes great joy in working intimately with her patients to build a stronger and healthier local community. Dr. Ortiz is fluent in Spanish, which allows her to work closely with Latino families and, therefore, she is dedicated to broadening access to care and safe initiatives to maintain health in all populations.  She has additional training in lifestyle intervention and behavior modification specializing in plant-based nutrition, motivational interviewing, positive parenting, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, and stress reduction.

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