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INITIAL INQUIRY: Behind the blog title… is there really a “right” answer to every question?

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

The art of medicine meets the inquiry of science in a combined effort to bring health to the world. This embodies me in a nutshell. I would elaborate by saying, for me, the art applies directly. Perhaps nothing much has changed since I wrote my college application essay, which narrated my passions for academia as a path to a flourishing future life through the tail of a dancer choreographing her way through the studio. That dancer is me. My passion behind building a dance is no stronger than building up to a clinical medical decision or scientific experimental hypothesis. Each of these activities involves inquiry. I am a physician-scientist in training and most importantly, someone who just wants to start making a difference in the world… if by no other way than a regular inquisitive blog entry that empowers others to make a difference, too, in their own passionate way. Let’s build a healthier world together.

“This blog is designed to make you think, not agree.”

This blog is designed to make you think, not agree. I invite you to respond to my questions with a friendly reminder that the art of attaining health for ourselves, individuals we wish to help, and the world at large, is really in the process of inquiry and not necessarily in the answer. This process is my definition of possessing a truly open mind. Isn't it healthy to question? So, why not start here; after all, is there really ever a “right” answer to every question?

“Isn't it healthy to question?”

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